Theater Performance at the Semmelweis University 2nd Department of Pediatrics in Cooperation with Trafó House of Contemporary Arts


At the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, neighboring our Department, a performance was held at the Semmelweis University 2nd Department of Pediatrics, in cooperation with the Őrzők Foundation. The document drama dealt with the question of how a family can cope with the trials of cancer. The first show [...]

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Őrzők Foundation at the Soccer Festival


Hungarian Water polo World Champion Márton Szívós joined the Őrzők team of recovered former young patients with cancer at the third Soccer Festival, on 8 September, 2013. As the partner of the event, the Őrzők Foundation offered obstacle courses, glitter tattoos, and smaller presents for the youngsters.

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Handing Over the Fiberscope


The Intubation Fiberscope has arrived to Tűzoltó Street Children’s Clinic, which we purchased for the Intensive Care with the financial support of the international charitable organization, Femmes d’Europe.     What is an Intubation Fiberscope exactly? The Intubation Fiberscope is -   an essential equipment of every Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and modern Operating-room -   indispensable [...]

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Charity and Creativity


BÉFLEX supports the Őrzők Foundation as well! The Tűzoltó Street Children’s Clinic received a blood-pressure gauge-data recorder that was designed for children. BÉFLEX is a firm whose main profile is the production of advertising tools.

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Cooperation Agreement between the Folqa Collection and the Őrzők Foundation


The Őrzők Foundation received the first piece of the new Folqa figures, a white Starry-eyed Shepherd, thus supporting the case of children with cancer. Folqa Collection is a Hungarian design-product: collection of folk characters, all of them presenting a profession, a region, and one of the Hungarian folk patterns. Besides this symbolic offer, each sold [...]

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